Garage Door Service Master

Garage Door Service Master in Sugar Land, TX, has friendly and knowledgeable technicians who diagnose and repair problems quickly and correctly. This company specializes in garage door repair and installation, and we would highly recommend their services. They are a professional, full-service company, and offer the best service in the area. To learn more about Garage Door Service Master, read our review below! We’ve received 5.0 stars from 78 reviewers!

Most residential garage doors use two separate springs. If one of them breaks, the door could fall on you, potentially causing serious injuries. In addition to being potentially dangerous, broken springs can cause the door to fall, resulting in the risk of damage. A professional technician can safely fix a broken spring by repairing it with a hammer or screwdriver. Never try to operate the garage door while repairing it yourself!

After thoroughly inspecting all components, the technician will determine if the garage door opener is malfunctioning. The technician will check the cables, tracks, and motors to make sure that they are working and free of damage. The technician will test the garage door opener several times and replace the battery in remote controls. The technician will also ensure that the garage door is safe to open and close, and will provide you with a free estimate. If you don’t need to hire a technician, call a local garage door company in your area.