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The next thing to consider is how much power the inverter will be able to supply. Inverters range from only being able to power one or two devices at once, up to running an entire household. Depending on whether you’re planning to use the device on the road or as a backup power supply for the home, then that determines what type you’ll need. If you only want a small unit without breaking the bank, you can’t go wrong with the BESTEK 1000W either. It’s lightweight, super portable, and still has enough juice to keep your electronics going. If you’re going to use your inverter regularly, we recommend choosing one with the highest protection systems. Some inverters also feature a Universal Protection Circuit that’s even more robust and reliable than individual systems.

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If you’re ready to buy, our recommended power inverters above have passed our stringent evaluation procedures and offer a terrific range of affordable solutions. Durable, versatile, and optimized to protect your electronics when you need them the most, this is the best power inverter available. Just be wary of what you’re plugging in and make sure you’re not exceeding 200W total. During testing, the power inverter had no problem powering a Chromebook and two smartphones, or a Dell XPS 15 and the two smartphones. Unfortunately, our gaming laptop draws 230W so you wouldn’t be able to use that with this inverter, however there are 300W inverters available as well. As expected, powering two tablets and two smartphones was no issue either.

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These items include black and red cables, a remote switch, a detailed instruction manual, USB port 5V, and three AC sockets. Due to this, installing the inverter was a piece of cake and didn’t take much time at all. These two aspects will make sure this product is a stable power source during power failure emergencies. This unit should offer maximum efficiency with the bulk of your devices on board the rig, such as computers, light fixtures, tools, and much more. I was also impressed by this product’s safety protection features to prevent issues like overheating.

Additionally, it comes in a variety of different colors to fit your individual mood and personality. The plastic is thin so that when you extend it and try to lock it in place it does not stay very well.

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