Scotia Visa Or Mastercard Defense. Coverage to assist you and your group stay financially motivated through unforeseen competition.

Scotia Visa Or Mastercard Defense. Coverage to assist you and your group stay financially motivated through unforeseen competition.

Defining Scotia Debit Card Protection?

This optional insurance 1В coverage typically offer your family and you the economic safety you may need by paying down the great account balance or help mask their monthly charge card expenses through certain unanticipated competition.

There have been two various insurance coverage packages from which to choose:


This coverage will pay the outstanding balance, as many as $50,000, if you perish.

Crucial IllnessВ

This coverage can pay their exceptional balance doing $50,000 should you be diagnosed with a protected crucial illnessВ (that is,. coronary attack, stroke, coronary canal bypass surgery, cancer tumors, loss of sight, paralysis, deafness and coma).


This policy can pay their exceptional balance up to $50,000 if you’re hospitalized caused by an accidental actual injury or unanticipated nausea.


This protection can offer a regular monthly perks comparable to twenty percent of one’s excellent balance, as many as $10,000 monthly, for 5 months if you are struggling to do the important jobs of any career from vomiting, injury, mental disease or worried dysfunction.

Job Loss*

This coverage can supply a monthly perk corresponding to twenty percent of the month-to-month great balance, around $10,000 every month, for 5 days if you should be unable to move thanks to an involuntary task control.

Hit or Lockout

This insurance can provide a regular monthly perks corresponding to twenty percent of your monthly excellent account balance, about $10,000 every month, for approximately 5 days if you find a disruption your jobs by an employee team that a person are members of or if perhaps your boss quickly suspends the jobs without finishing it during a labour disagreement.

Who is going to submit an application for Scotia debit card safeguards?

To apply for Scotia Mastercard Safety coverage, you should have a qualified Scotia Mastercard account in close upright, getting a citizen in Canada, and turn minimal 18 years old and under 70 years of age.В

Charges and Discounts

For specific security the month-to-month high quality rate try $1.09 per $100 of the account balance, measured everyday as well as fundamental cover the every month premiums speed are $0.89 per $100 of the balance, considered everyday until the 70th special birthday, at which efforts both packages eliminate to only the demise perks (lifestyle) at a monthly superior rate of $0.49 per one hundred dollars of account balance, measured each day. Provincial income taxes can also be extra, where pertinent.

To learn more about just how their premiums is computed, look at this video clip,В or go and visit our faqs observe our personal detail by detail top quality rates tables.В

thirty day right to examine your policy duration

In the event you decide all of our plastic insurance is not just perfect for you, terminate within 1 month to obtain a full refund about any high quality paid.В contact us right now to enroll hassle-free.

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Scotia Bank Card Cover

Stay economically focused through unexpected competition

Plastic Insurance Premium Calculator

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Knowledge claims stepsВ

Effortless thorough directions to making credit cards shelter case.

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Frequently asked questions

Scotia visa or mastercard ProtectionВ are an elective insurance rates product, made to let you encounter your own Scotia debit card financial obligations when you are unable to on account of some unforeseen parties.В

Advantages are actually stretched to cover up an eligible co-borrower on your insured credit-based card levels.

WhatВ kinds of bank card security will our insurance coverage add in?

Lifestyle, essential sickness and Hospitalization insurance coverage will pay off their great balance doing $50,000 should you expire, are actually diagnosed with an included crucial illness, or if you were Hospitalized for 30 consecutive era or more. When Hospitalization is designed for at the very minimum 24 consecutive time but around 30 consecutive time, 20% of your own exceptional balance about go out of Hospitalization perhaps spent.

Disability, Career Loss, and Strike or Lockout cover makes monthly obligations, comparable to 20 percent of your respective excellent balance, as many as $10,000 on a monthly basis, for as much as 5 many months, for your guaranteed account.

That eligible for protection?

Getting qualified, you need to be a main cardholder to the plastic account, be a minimum of 18 years old and under 70 years of age and a local in Ontario. Your Game Account should be in close reputation not getting constrained.В

Simply how much can it are priced at?

For specific Protection the monthly top quality rates is actually $1.09 per $100 of the account balance, calculated daily and practical security the every month top quality rates happens to be $0.89 per one hundred dollars of your respective balance, measured dailyВ until your own 70th christmas, from which hours both bundles lower to simply the dying perks (lifetime) at a regular advanced price of $0.49 per one hundred dollars of the balance, estimated each day. Provincial income taxes also are included, where relevant.

Your account balances is actually insured for $50,000, however, costs are only calculated about just around $25,000. For the portion of the balance over $25,000, no advanced would be considered.

Rates happen to be billed month-to-month, directly to the Scotiabank credit-based card membership

How are actually my personal insurance costs considered?

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